We literally Breath Wedding

You mean the most at your wedding but here is a little about us

The only other family you'll need on your big day (apart from your own, of course!)

If you see a bunch of well-dressed, highly energetic gentlemen smiling at your guests and holding a camera - you can be sure it's The Con Artists Team!

We've played many important roles on our brides' special day, as bridesmaids, we've held up their dresses; as friends, we've admired their looks; as stylists, we've captured those jaw-dropping bridal portraits; and, of course, as family, we've shed tears of joy during the emotional moments we've captured right before our eyes!

We literally breathe wedding!

We have been capturing emotions for almost 9 years now and have gifted lifetime memories to more than 800+ couples.

So, while you’re busy having the time of your life, our team of photographers and cinematographers will be around etching those moments for you to treasure and relive happily ever after- so your next generation knows exactly what real-life Romeo and Juliet look like

(These memories will become part of your legacy - our brides can vouch for this- check our brides' Instagram stories in our highlights)